The Senior Center provides a variety of health and wellness programs for its members including a fitness center, exercise classes, lectures and programs. Please refer to the monthly newsletter for current offerings.

PEAK Fitness Center

The PEAK Fitness Center features state-of-the art cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Cardiovascular equipment includes: treadmills, elliptical cross-trainers, recumbent bicycles and NuSteps. The NuStep is a seated stair-stepper which provides a total body workout while limiting strain on the knees or hips.

Cybex strength training equipment includes a chest press, leg press, seated leg curl, leg extension, row, abdominal, and tricep press. All pieces are designed to target major muscle groups.

Registration Fees

$25.00 one-time registration fee for new PEAK members only. Includes 3 training sessions (1 cardio and 2 strength training sessions). If a member wants to be trained on the cardio equipment only, the one-time registration fee is $8.00. For PEAK members who decide at a later time to be trained on the strength training equipment, the fee would be an additional $17.00.

PEAK Membership Fees

To join the Fitness Center, you must be a member of the Senior Center. Fitness Center membership fees are:

One Year: $60.00

Six Months: $40.00

Monthly: $ 9.00

Application Process

Please stop by either Senior Center and pick up your application packet, which includes the Fitness Center policies, a Medical History Form for you to fill out, and a Medical Approval Form to be filled out and signed by your physician or health care professional.

Once the application is completed, we will contact you to schedule your individual orientation session. Together, you’ll formulate a personalized exercise plan that will guide you through your exercise sessions.

Fitness Classes

The Senior Center offers a variety of fitness classes throughout the year including strength training, Up-Right and Balanced, beginner’s yoga, intermediate yoga, aerobics, Zumba Gold, Zumba Tone, cardio step and abs, power burst, circuit training and more. Please check the monthly newsletter for schedule and registration information.


Each morning from 9:00 – 9:30 the Senior Center reserves the “green room” for walkers. Individuals are free to walk in this room at their own pace and for the duration of their choosing. Thirty-eight laps around the room is equivalent to one mile. Walkers enjoy the climate controlled temperatures, flat ground and camaraderie of fellow walking enthusiasts.