Aquifer Protection Agency


The Aquifer Protection Agency is charged with the adoption and administration of regulations for the protection of the Town’s drinking groundwater resources. Because Plainville draws on its large underground reserves of drinking water, also known as aquifers, it is of paramount importance to both residents and businesses that these reserves are protected. In order to do so, the Aquifer Protection Agency, through their regulations, prohibit certain uses of the land where they may be likely to affect groundwater quality. 

Under the law, which was mandated by the State of Connecticut Aquifer Protection Act of 2006, uses of property that are now prohibited, but were in existence prior to the adoption of the Aquifer Protection Regulations and/or map, whiachever was later, may continue to exist if they conform to certain best management practices and register with Agency. Uses that were not in existence within 180 days of the adoption of the regulations and/or map, whichever was later, cannot be located in the Aquifer Protection Area.  The Plainville Zoning Map contains the boundaries of the various Aquifer Protection Areas. Please follow the link to the left to see if your property is afected.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Garrett Daigle 860-793-0221 x7177