Emergency Management and Preparedness

Citizens are asking, “What can we do to prepare for the possibility of effects from a disaster?” Public services announcements suggest several ways to prepare. Learn about serious threats, make emergency supply kits, create a family communication plan and keep emergency telephone numbers with you or near the telephone.

To access a free brochure call 1-800-BE-READY or access the website www.ready.gov.

The American Red Cross has a great deal of information on planning and preparedness. They can be contacted at www.redcross.org. 

The Town of Plainville has prepared for emergency response and recovery by having an up to date Emergency Operations Plan. This document covers Standard Operating Guidelines for any type of disaster, such as a flood, major fire, hazardous materials incident, etc. As Town officials, we take these warnings seriously and must be proactive to the problems. As with any emergency planning, preparation is the key. Residents should have an Emergency Supply Kit.