Bulk Pickup

On-Demand Bulk Pickup Policy

The Town of Plainville has an on-demand policy for the collection of bulk pickup. Residents who currently have curbside rubbish and recycling collection from the Town can request one bulk pickup per calendar year free of charge for large items that do not fit in normal rubbish collection. For a list of acceptable bulk items, please scroll down the bottom of this page. 
Property Owners will be able to schedule their one bulk pick up free of charge either in the spring or in the fall. Bulk collection will take place on Mondays during the following periods: April 9 through June 25, 2018 (excluding Monday, May 28, due to Memorial Day) and September 10 through October 29, 2018. Eligible residents must call CWPM at 860-793-6721 to schedule a pickup.  When calling, you will need to leave the following information on CWPM's answering machine:  your name, address, phone number and a complete description of the items to be collected. Calls placed by 3:00pm Friday can be scheduled for collection on Monday.  

**Please Note: Pickups must be scheduled by property owners. Multi-family residents (2-5 units) must also be scheduled by property owners/landlords.
Bulk items should be placed curbside no more than 24 hours before your scheduled pickup. Bulk items must not block or create a safety concern for sidewalks or walkways.

Bulk collections are for residential only. Please keep weekly trash separate and miscellaneous iron/steel separate from bulk. Questions, can be referred to Public Works Administration at 860-793-0221 x208.

**Dates may be subject to change.


Mondays, April 9 through June 25 and 
Mondays, September 10 through Monday October 29

Pickups will take place on Mondays within the collection time periods listed above (excluding Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day). Residents must call CWPM at 860-793-6721 by 3:00pm Friday to schedule their pick up for the following Monday.

CategoryBulk PickupRestrictions

Doors must be removed, weight restricted to manual lifting by 2 persons. Limit 3 per household.

*Sleeper Sofa: Metal bed frame must be removed/separated from the sofa shell before placing curbside.

Tires/Rims YesLimit 2 per household. Passenger tires only. Tires must be removed from rims.
Miscellaneous Iron/SteelYesMaximum length 6 feet. Weight restricted to manual lifting by 2 persons.
Mattresses/Box SpringsYes Weight restricted to manual lifting by 2 persons. Limit 2 per household.

Brush/Branches/ Natural Wood Fencing

Yes Must be in 4 feet or less lengths, tied, and no larger than 6" diameter. NO LEAVES OR GRASS CLIPPINGS Fencing must be 3’x5’ or smaller.
Barrels/DrumsYes Remove both ends and cleaned.
Oil Base PaintNOYearly at Hazardous Waste Collection.
Bathroom FixturesNOPorcelain tubs/sinks/toilets/shower stalls.
Building or Demolition MaterialsNOShingles, Sheetrock, Brick, Stone, Concrete, etc. will not be collected.
WoodNOStick lumber/landscaping ties/plywood, etc. 
Motor Vehicle Parts/BatteriesNONot Accepted
StumpsNONot Accepted 
Propane TanksNOTank must be disposed of by returning it to the distributor.
Residential Electronics / E-WasteNOElectronic waste is collected at the Transfer Station at no charge. Click here for a list of accepted items. 

**Excluding appliances or furniture, remaining bulk items must not exceed 3 cubic yards (an area 3’ high, 3’ deep, 9’ long). **

This collection is for eligible residential only. Accepted bulk items should be placed at curbside not more than 24 hours before your collection date. Please keep miscellaneous iron/steel and tires separate from bulk. Bulk items must not block or create a safety concern for sidewalks or walkways.