Planning and Economic Development Department

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Mission Statement: What we do


The return on investment for municipal planning services is typically slow. This is a deterrent in allowing the Department of Planning and Economic Development to stand out as a key asset for the Town of Plainville. When the new Department of Planning and Economic Development was formed in early 2008, efficiencies were realized by combining services and reducing personnel. Since that time, it is our hope that the long-term investments made in Planning and Economic Development have become more apparent. From a general perspective, our department offers both tangible and intangible services.

We help to establish a long-term vision for the community by guiding the preparation of the Plan of Conservation and Development in a very hands-on manner. We offer more tangible benefits as we continually strive over the 10-year life of the plan to implement its goals and meet objectives that provide a sometimes slow but inexorable measure of benefit to the community.

We conceive, write, and administer ordinances, regulations and development incentives based on policy and plans that we help shape in concert with Land Use Commission input. These measures influence where and how things are built and where land is preserved. These components of the department’s responsibility specify what is required when development is undertaken and what information is required of developers to assist land use commissions in making informed decisions. This responsibility goes directly to preserving and improving the quality of life and community character in Plainville while allowing for development that in many instances is “by right.”

When departmental staff review development plans, they are afforded an excellent opportunity to highlight issues and conditions that affect a land use commission’s decision to approve or deny a development plan. It is up to the staff to negotiate the nuances of a plan that might otherwise get “horse traded” during the commission review process.

The department provides an important link between local government and the business community through several programs developed to strengthen the local economy. The small business loan and tax incentive programs have had a significant impact in our community’s ability to compete with neighboring towns and cities that are more than happy to provide incentives to steer economic development over their borders. Sustainable business growth and retention are the key factors the department hopes to achieve through this arm of its responsibility.

Our department represents the “face” of development services in the Town of Plainville. We take that responsibility seriously and strive to provide a quality experience for all who approach us. We continue to maintain stride with growing technologies such as digital planning tools, and web-based offerings in an effort to further enhance our services. Whether for information on where to appropriately install a fence or a shed in one’s backyard, how to best navigate the land use process for the development of a large manufacturing, office or retail complex, or how to apply for business assistance programs at the local or state level, it is our responsibility to insure that regulatory and process information is disseminated in a manner that is understandable, and of real benefit to our patrons.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Garrett Daigle Town Planner 860-793-0221 x213
Cal Hauburger Economic Development Director 860-793-0221 x330