Town Clerk Fee Schedule

Land Records:

Copies – Land Records$1.00 per page
Copies – Maps$2.00 each
For use of battery-powered scanner$20.00 per occasion
Document Certification$2.00 per document
Recording – 1st Page/MERS Document$60.00/$159
Recording – Subsequent Pages$5.00 per page
Map Filing – Up to 2 Lots$20.00
Map Filing – 3 Lots & More


Vital Statistics:

Marriage License$50.00
Birth Certificates – Certified Copy – Long Form$20.00
Death Certificates – Certified Copy$20.00
Marriage License – Certified Copy$20.00
Burial/Transit Permit$5.00
Cremation Permit     $5.00

Dog Licenses:

Male or Female (Unaltered)$19.00
Neutered Male or Spayed Female$8.00
Late Fee (per month after June 30th expiration)$1.00
Replacement Tag (Lost Tag)$0.50
Transfer of Ownership$1.00
Kennel License for 10 tags $51.00
Service DogFree

Notary Public:

Document Notarization$5.00
Original Commission of Notary Public$20.00
Renewal of Commission$20.00
Change of Name ONLY$15.00
Change of Name AND Address within Same Town$15.00
Change of Address ONLY – Within Town (No change of name)$0.00
Change of Address ONLY – New Town$10.00
Change of Name AND Address to New Town$10.00


Liquor License (Filing) $20.00
Trade Name Certificate (Filing)$10.00
Military Discharge (Filing and Certified Copy)Free