Doing Business

Plainville is best characterized as a small town. At just under 10 square miles, it is in fact one of the smallest towns in the state. But do not let our size fool you. We boast a high quality of life with a skilled labor force, and a diverse economy that has managed to hang onto a proportionally high percentage of its manufacturing base. Our largest taxpayers/employers include General Electric Company, Tilcon CT, Inc., Gems Sensors, Inc., Connecticut Tool and Manufacturing, Mott Corporation, and Wheeler Clinic. After recently purchasing Robertson Airfield, we have the distinction of being one of very few Connecticut municipalities that own their own airport.

Our Town Manager/Town Council form of government provides for an efficient, business-friendly experience. Town Staff has been trained to work with business and industry to help them achieve their goals. The Economic Development Agency takes an active role in supporting business development through their tax incentive and business loan programs.

Plainville strives to offer advantages to businesses wishing to locate in our community, and our demographic makeup boasts a wide and diverse workforce ready to help you succeed. Plainville’s location at the intersection of State Route 72 and Interstate 84 make it ideal for business that relies on transportation. In addition, rail service and a regional airport are available to add value to your business.