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The Town Council adopted a deferral program for property tax relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. This program is an extended grace period for taxes due January 1, 2021. It defers the last day to pay without interest. It does not defer the tax. 

NOTE: Taxpayers are required to complete an application to determine if they are eligible for the extension/deferment.  
Eligible taxpayers are entitled to defer their payment deadline until 3 months from the tax due date, instead of the usual 30 days.
Per the Governor’s Executive Order 9R /escrowed taxes are not eligible for the deferment.

The deadline to file the Application for the January 1, 2021 Real Estate, Motor Vehicle and Personal Property taxes is by 4:00pm February 1, 2021.

The criteria to be eligible is as follows:


My household has suffered a reduction in income of at least 20% due to COVID-19. Since April 2020, I have been either

(1) furloughed without pay;

(2) had my hours significantly reduced; or

(3) am unemployed.

This has resulted in at least a 20% reduction in my household income.

Proof of Residency must be attached to the Application (i.e. a copy of driver’s license, utility bill, or other proof of residency)


Revenue is expected to decrease at least 30% in the October to January 2020 period versus the October to January 2019 period at this property.
Proof of Ownership must be attached to the Application (i.e. copy of my business license, utility bill, Secretary of State listing, or other proof of ownership)


Must attach documentation to the Application proving that the property has or will suffer a significant revenue decline, OR attach documentation proving that commensurate forbearance was offered to the tenants or lessees. “Commensurate forbearance, for purposes of this program, means either

a) a deferral of 25% of rent (approximating the property tax portion of rent) for the ninety (90) days after its due date;

b) a deferral of one month’s rent to be paid over the 90 day period, or

c) forbearance substantially similar to (a) or (b) as determined by the tax collector.

Documentation includes, but is not limited to, proof that some tenants or lessees have received forbearance or that the landlord has actively communicated with tenants or lessees to offer forbearance.


The Deadline to file for the January 1, 2021 Real Estate, Motor Vehicle and Personal Property taxes is by 4:00pm February 1, 2021.

Applications can be found on the Town of Plainville Web Site by clicking here.

Return applications and required documentation to: the Revenue Collector’s office, Town Hall, 1 Central Square Plainville, CT 06062 each business day as follows: 

Monday through Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Thursday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm 

Ana M. LeGassey C.C.M.C.
lainville Revenue Collector