Unpaid Balances

Any past due taxes must be paid in full before payment on current bills can be accepted. Any payment you remit will be applied to past due fees, interest and taxes first. Past due notices are sent to taxpayers usually in August, February and April.

If real estate taxes remain unpaid by April 30 tax, a lien will be applied in accordance with state statutes. If sewer usage accounts remain unpaid by September 30, a lien will be filed in accordance with state statutes. 

If a motor vehicle taxes remain unpaid, you will be unable to renew vehicle registrations with the Connecticut Dept. of Motor Vehicles, per Conn. Stat. 14-33. Past due motor vehicle taxes must be paid in full by cash, cashiers’ check, money order, or credit card in order to receive  DMV clearance within 48 hours.

ALL OUTSTANDING vehicle taxes in your name, including taxes not yet delinquent, must be paid in full in order for a release to be issued. If you must pay your past due motor vehicle taxes with a personal check, you will not receive a clearance for DMV for 2 weeks.

If personal property taxes remain unpaid, you will not be reissued a health permit by the Health Department until your taxes are paid.

No building permit or other construction permit for improvements or changes in real property shall be issued for any real property for which there are delinquent municipal taxes, sewer user charges, assessments, penalties and/or fines.