Homeland Security Advice

The division of Homeland Security and local town officials offer the following advice:

Keep a minimum of three-day supply of non-perishable food and water. Even if this community is not directly affected by any attack, your life may be disrupted from the daily routine. You may need shelter at home for a few days. Roads and stores may be closed to civilian traffic; electricity and water supplies may be interrupted. Add flashlights and battery powered radio to hear the latest instructions from local and state authorities. Don’t forget extra batteries, a blanket for each family member, a first aid kit, and manual can opener. There is some information from the Federal Government regarding a safe room in your home. They suggest plastic and duct tape to seal on area. This in itself may not be bad idea, although you must think about such things as air supply if you do this. Maintain at least a 3-5 day supply of medicine with you. Don’t forget the supply of food, water and medicine for your pets. A Family Communication Plan makes sure that everyone knows how to get in touch. Cell phones are the best, but service may be interrupted. Pick two meeting places (1) a location a safe distance from your home (2) a place outside your neighborhood in case you can’t return home, and choose an out of state friend as a check-in contact for everyone to call.

There may come a time where we must shelter in place. This means that you may not be allowed to leave your home. If an evacuation to other locations is needed, the Middle School of Plainville on Northwest Drive and the Senior Citizen Center on East Street are the two most likely locations. The Fire Department will not be used in an emergency because it is likely that all available fire fighters and other emergency responders will be staging at that location. Remember that pets will not be allowed in any evacuation shelter.

In case of Bioterrorism, the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health and local health officials will be advising residents of what to do. The basic steps that must be taken are staying in your home. Shut off any type of air supply utilities, stay close to your radio and listen for any information and direction from the authorities.

As citizens of Plainville, we ask, "Are we a direct target of terrorism?” While not at the top of the critical list, we should still be very aware that this could impact out town. People should always be very aware of their surroundings and report any thing that does not appear normal to the police department by calling 911. Diligence in our daily lives should see us through the event that had developed in the United States.