Personal Property

2019 Personal Property Forms

2019 Grand List Declaration of Personal Property
2019 Grand List Declaration of Personal Property including Itemized Listing of Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment

In general, personal property is anything that is moveable and is not a permanent part of real estate, including items such as business-owned furniture, fixtures, machinery or equipment.

A taxpayer with personal property subject to taxation must file a Personal Property Declaration with the Plainville Assessor by November 1, annually.  Upon request, the Assessor may grant a taxpayer an extension.

Lessees of personal property must also file a report with the Plainville Assessor by November 1, annually. This requirement affects any personal property (other than a Connecticut registered motor vehicle) that is subject to a contract of lease and is in a lessee’s possession.

If a Personal Property Declaration is filed after November 1, the Assessor must add a 25% assessment penalty to the taxpayer’s assessment. A 25% assessment penalty is also applicable if a taxpayer fails to file a declaration, in which case the Assessor uses the best information available to determine the value of the taxpayer’s personal property.

If a business has closed or is no longer in Plainville, a "Going Out of Business" form MUST be filed with the Town Clerk's Office.  You MUST also file the Personal Property form with the Assessor's Office, indicating that you no longer have taxable personal property in the Town of Plainville.