Birth and Death Certificates

Obtaining Birth & Death Certificates:

Birth Certificates:

The Plainville Town Clerk’s Office can issue certified copies of birth certificates if:

         1. The person was born in Plainville, or
         2. The mother resided in Plainville at the time of the birth.

For the protection of the individual, birth certificates are not open to the public in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes 7-51. You may request a copy of your own certificate as well as your child’s, your spouse and your parents. Grandparents can also request a copy for their minor grandchildren. Certified copies are available in two sizes: full size (long form) is an actual copy of the certificate and a wallet size (short form) showing birth name and date only.

Birth Certificates may be obtained by mail or in person. The fee is $15.00 for a wallet size (short form) and $20.00 for a full size (long form).

To obtain a certificate: You must supply the birth name, birth date, parent’s names, and the parent’s places of birth. Presentation of a photo ID is required. If applying by mail please submit a copy of your photo ID and be sure to include your signature.

  • You can download the Birth Certificate request form by clicking here

Death Certificates:

The Plainville Town Clerk’s office can issue certified copies of death certificates if:

         1. The person died in Plainville, or
         2. Plainville was the person’s primary place of residence at the time of death.

Please Note:  If the death occurred outside the State of Connecticut, the Death Certificate will NOT be sent to Plainville, regardless of the individual’s place of residence. In this case, the Death Certificate may be obtained only from the state or country where the death occurred.

Death Certificates may be obtained in person or a request by mail by clicking here. The fee is $20.00 per copy.