Fire Prevention

Prevent Fire. Save Lives.

For your well-being and others you love:

Practice fire-safe behaviors when smoking, cooking and heating. Maintain smoke alarms, develop and practice a fire escape plan, and if possible, install home fire sprinklers.

Smoke Safely:

Sitting in your favorite chair and having a cigarette after dinner seems to some like a great way to relax – but cigarettes and relaxing can be a deadly mix. Falling asleep while smoking can ignite clothing, rugs and other materials used in upholstered furniture. Using alcohol and medications that make you sleepy compound this hazard.

Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths and the second leading cause of injuries among people ages 65 and older. Cigarettes when not properly extinguished continue to burn. When a resting cigarette is accidentally knocked over, it can smolder for hours before a flare-up occurs. Before you light your next cigarette, remember:

  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Put your cigarette or cigar out at the first sign of feeling drowsy while watching television or reading.
  • Use deep ashtrays and put your cigarettes all the way out.
  • Don’t walk away from lit cigarettes and other smoking materials.