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Make a Bequest to the Legacy Fund

Dividends and interest from the Legacy Fund are used for high priority projects that cannot be supported through the town's operating budget. All of the income from the fund goes directly to running the library and is part of the library’s annual budget. Funds are donated to the library for various reasons. Some were given to honor a loved one, to ensure that the library can continue to provide services free of charge, or to create a source of funds to enable others to continue to enjoy the benefits of library service.

Bequests are invested in the library's various trust funds. Bequests of any amount can be added to the library's trust funds. They can be in cash, stocks or other securities, life insurance or retirement plans. The Plainville Library currently has eight bequests that provide funds for books and programs. The oldest fund, established in 1926, by George Mastin "to purchase books or works of art suitable for the Plainville Library" is still providing income for the library.

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