Tomasso Nature Park


Please Note: Nature Park is closed for the season on November 15th. Opens March 15th.

Pets are not allowed in the Nature Park.

Directions:  Granger Lane off Rte. 177 (Unionville Avenue).
Access is available through pedestrian gates from dawn to dusk beginning March 15 through November 15. Individuals with special needs or groups should call the Recreation Department at 860-747-6022. 

Established in 1989, The Tomasso Nature Park was given to the Town of Plainville by Tomasso Brothers. The Park was established as a wetland mitigation area for the wetland lost in the reconstruction and expansion of the runway at Robertson Airport. Wetland vegetation, animals and soils were literally removed from the construction site and meticulously relocated by light machine and hand to their current home in the Nature Park.

Animals common to the Nature Park include: eastern painted turtle, common snapping turtle, northern water snake, eastern garter snake, green frog, bull frog, great blue heron, canada goose, red winged blackbird, yellow warbler, green heron, mallard duck, raccoon, white-tail deer and muskrat.

Plants common to the Nature Park include: speckled alder, red maple, common american elder, umbrella sedge, broadleaf cattail, buttonbush, beggar's tick, sensitive fern, pickerelweed, blue flag, sedge, sweet flag, yellow pond lily and arrowhead.

Put litter In Its Place
Stay on Paths
Do not pick Flowers or Vegetation
Do not Disturb Wildlife
No Bikes, Picnics or Pets

Check for Ticks when leaving Tomasso Nature Park.

If you are available to volunteer at the Nature Park please contact the Recreation Dept. at 50 Whiting St. Tasks would include planting flowers, weeding and light brush cutting. If you have any questions please contact the Recreation Dept. at 860-747-6022.