Will you check my child's safety seats for free?

Child Safety Seat Checks

 FOUR out of FIVE child safety seats are not installed correctly.


The Plainville Police Department is proud to announce the inspection of child car seats. Currently Detective Matthew D’Amore and Officer Mark Martocci are certified car seat technicians. Both Detective D’Amore and Officer Martocci have received specialized training in installing and inspecting car seats. The Plainville Police Department is listed with NHTSA and the Connecticut Safe Kids as a Certified Child Safety Installation Station. These checks are intended to inspect parents’ efforts to install car seats and then show parents how to correct any installation problems that may be occurring. Car seat checks are made by appointment. This service is provided free of charge. Please be aware that our technicians are full time police officers and conduct the checks on their own time. Prior to the appointment, the seat should be installed by the parent/caregiver. Refer to the vehicle and car seat manuals for installation information. Parents/caregivers interested in having their car seats checked can contact Detective D'Amore at 860-747-1616 or by email here to schedule an appointment.


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