What if I see wildlife that appears sick?

Information on Rabies


Rabies is caused by a virus transmitted by contact with saliva from rabid animals. The disease can be transmitted from animals to humans through bite wounds, scratches, or saliva from the animal through breaks in the skin or mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth).

Signs of rabies in animals include behavioral changes such as excessive friendliness in wild animals, or unprovoked rage or aggression in any animal. 

Wild animals, sometimes seen in the daytime, are not always rabid. Nursing mothers are out searching for food, with or without their young, at all hours of the day and night.

If a raccoon is seen in the daytime and is showing abnormal behaviors such as paralysis, unprovoked aggression or moving in circles, the Police Department or Animal Control Division should be contacted at (860) 747-1616.

The public should also be aware that other measures may be taken to help protect humans from the spread of rabies by obeying leash and license laws and by reporting stray dogs to the local Animal Control Division. Children should also be taught to avoid strange animals, especially wild ones.

For any further questions or concerns, the public can contact State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Wildlife Division at 860-424-3011.