PCA News - June 2016

East Street Burying Grounds – 1766 - 1916

The Plainville Cemetery Association continues to maintain the grounds and in 2015, the Ground Crew straightens the “fragile” monument. We can no longer allow tracing, as the stones are very delicate and can crumble easily.

The Plainville Historical Society has researched the history and they have annually opened the Cemetery to the public after the Memorial Day parade.

West Cemetery opened in 1845

The Plainville Cemetery Association continues to manage and maintain the Cemetery. We currently have 10 numbered Sections, including the Front Section and the Cremation Garden. We have earmarked the area around the Flag and Veteran Monument for Veterans burials.

Current Projects:
Neal Chapel (donated by the Neal Family in 1922)
We have just updated the Chapel and soon it will be re-open to the public during the Cemetery business hours. We welcome visitors to come and view the Sanctuary.
**Please contact our Superintendent if you would like to reserve the Chapel for a service. The maximum number of people would be 35 – see fee schedule

Flag Pole: Placed a Solar light below the flag

Tree Trimming: Trees trimmed by Holcomb

Future Expansion:
We will be expanding and surveying for additional Burial lots at West Cemetery in Sections 5 and 8 and we will be clearing an area behind Sections 6 and 7 for future burials.

Maintenance is provided to Lot Owners for a fee:
Trimming of bushes/Hedges/trees around Monuments:    Cost $ 25.00
Removal of bushes/trees near Monuments                       Cost $ 75.00
Raise Flush Marker
       Single                                                                          Cost $ 75.00
       Double                                                                         Cost $100.00

Contact Information:
Our office hours are Monday through Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Office Telephone: 860-747-2314, Fax. 860-747-2415
Dave Underwood – Chairman, President and CEO
John “Bill” Beverley Jr. – Superintendent