Gov. Lamont Launches Career Resources & Workforce Up-skill Initiative

Gov. Lamont announced that as the State prepares to enter Phase 2 of its reopening efforts as a result of the COVID pandemic, a new resource - the CT Back to Work Initiative - will be launched to provide workers and businesses in Connecticut with high-quality, user-friendly career tools to assist those who have been impacted by the economic fallout of COVID. The State is partnering with several private-sector employment services, including the job search engine Indeed, and the workforce training providers Metrix Learning and 180 Skills.

All of the components of the initiative can be accessed online by visiting the State's coronavirus website - - and clicking the link labeled "CT Back to Work Initiative".

The first component includes a custom jobs portal for Connecticut jobseekers and employers through Indeed. Connecticut is the first state in the nation to partner with Indeed to create a jobs portal that is customized for the State's residents and companies. This new portal complements the State's current CT Hires job portal by providing additional resources and opportunities to businesses and job seekers.

The State is also partnering with Indeed to host a virtual hiring event from June 16 to 18, during which companies hiring in Connecticut will host virtual interviews and meet and greet events. Nearly 40 employers from across the State are participating. In addition, Indeed is offering a free webinar on June 15 to help prep job seekers for virtual interviews.

Another component includes online workforce training courses provided by Metrix Learning and 180 Skills.

In early May, Connecticut launched the SkillUp CT program, which provides Connecticut residents who have qualified for unemployment insurance with free access to more than 5,000 online courses offered by Metrix focused on information technology, business analysis, project management, digital literacy, and other fields directly tied to the needs of Connecticut employers, as well as hundreds of skill tracks and a robust library of high-quality industry certification programs from employers such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. To date, more than 9,000 people in the State have signed up for the SkillUp CT services.

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