Eversource Communication Regarding Hurricane Season

We know how fierce mother nature can be.  Changing climate has increased the frequency, severity and unpredictability of storms. That’s why we focus year-round on strengthening the electric system and preparing for extreme weather.

  • We’re enhancing electric reliability by adding more grid automation technology like smart fuses and smart switches. These upgrades can reroute or restore power quickly when an outage is detected.
  • We’re collaborating with your community leaders on storm and safety response with information sessions to ensure seamless collaboration and coordination during storms.
  • We know trees are the No. 1 cause of power outages. This year, we’ll invest approximately $152 million to remove branches and hazardous trees before they come down on electric lines and cause outages.

You can prepare by:

  • Listening to forecasts and being alert to severe weather warnings.
  • Reviewing our Storm Safety Checklist for tips on what to include in a storm kit and other important actions you can take before, during and after a storm.
  • We’re always preparing so our employees and equipment are ready when you need us most. Learn more about what our team does to prepare for storms and emergencies year-round.  Go behind the scenes >

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