Plan of Conservation and Development

A vision for Plainville's future...

The 2009 Plainville Plan of Conservation and Development was adopted on February 24, 2009. By law, the Town must update it's Plan every ten years. The Plan was last updated in 1997, so in 2007 we began the process of overhauling the old Plan. The process led the Planning and Zoning Commission through numerous meetings, focus groups and public hearings in an attempt to solicit input from the public and various interest groups on topics such as open space and natural resources, Historic and cultural resources, community character, housing issues, economic development, Plainville's downtown and town wide development scenarios. Other items reviewed were community facilities, transportation and the Plan's overall consistency with the State Plan. 

The document posted below is the final version of the Plan as adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Commission made every attempt to be as comprehensive as possible while considering this update. Moving forward, land use decisions should be made within the context of this Plan.

Comments or feedback can be directed to Garrett Daigle, Town Planner, via email or 860-793-0221 ext. 213