Community Resource Inventory

Numerous towns in Connecticut, and throughout the country, have recognized the importance of taking proactive measures to improve their capacity to plan for their community’s future development. To some degree, all Towns in Connecticut are required to take certain planning measures. Specifically, Section 8-23 of the Connecticut General Statutes requires that each municipality prepare a Plan of Conservation and Development, which gives direction to both public and private development efforts while aiming to preserve the Town’s most valuable resources and character. 

In order to protect a town’s resources and character, those resources and characteristics must be identified.

Plainville's Community Resource Inventory is a tool similar to that employed by many communities and promoted by leading academic institutions used to identify a Town’s most valued resources and build some tangible account of what gives a community its character, for better or for worse. This report presents a variety of maps and data tables covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including natural, social and economic resources, with several discussions to accompany and lend some description to the graphic displays.