Adoption Policy

All non-sterilized animals from our pound are adopted through the State’s Animal Population Control Program (APCP). The APC Program pays for two pre-surgical immunizations (parvo-distemper and rabies) and for the animal to be spayed or neutered by a participating veterinarian within 60 days of ownership. It pays up to $100.00 for a male dog/$50 for a male cat (neutered); $120 for a female dog/$70 for female cat (spayed); and $10 each for two vaccinations. The adopting party is responsible for any and all fees above what the program covers.

Adoption Fee:    

  • $50 Fee ($45 APCP Fee + $5 Town Fee) for non-sterilized animal
  • $5 Town Fee for spayed or neutered animal

Out of state adopters are not eligible to participate in the APC Program. Please contact the Plainville ACO directly for adoption information at 860-793-0221 x291.