Police Department


It is the mission of the Plainville Police Department to protect and serve our community. We seek to provide professional, ethical, and effective police services to all people. We pledge fidelity to the United States Constitution and the Connecticut Constitution. We will protect individual rights while impartially enforcing the law. We affirm our mission with integrity, passion, courage, and strength.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Matthew Catania Chief of Police
Eddie Lepage Executive Assistant to the Chief
Eric Peterson Lieutenant
Nicholas Mullins Lieutenant
Richard Marques Sergeant
John Quilter Sergeant
Patrick Huntley Sergeant
Mark Connoy Sergeant
Shane Murphy Sergeant
Patrick Buden Corporal
Jon Eno Corporal
Clifford Roper Detective Sergeant
David Posadas Detective
Marc Rivard Detective
David Slater Detective
Matthew D'Amore Detective
Evelyn Rodriguez Detective
Daniel Mulcunry Detective
Russ Huntley Officer
Eric Giudice Officer
Timothy Miller Officer
Stephen Chase Officer
Roman Blajerski Officer
Brian Cybulski Officer
Gregory Arvai Officer
Jamie Fenn Officer
Matthew Guerrette Officer
Mark Kominske Officer
Joseph Henderson Officer
Brian Boudreau Officer
Shane Dufresne Officer
Mark Martocci Officer
Ryan Martel Officer
Sean Heald Officer
Jessica Martins Officer
Brian DiMauro Officer
Troy Noble Officer
Dominic Savo Officer
Al Urso Dispatch Supervisor
Stephanie Metayer Dispatcher
Charlene Anderson Dispatcher
Samantha Sabel Dispatcher
Brianna Heald Dispatcher
Samantha Ruffino Dispatcher
Michelle Ibitz Records Clerk
Renee Erb Records Clerk
Donna Weinhofer Animal Control Officer
Kelly Curtiss Animal Control Officer