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Animal Control Division

The Plainville Animal Control is a division of the Plainville Police Department. There is one full time and 2 part time animal control officers in the division.

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing state laws and town ordinances pertaining to animals.  The division handles roaming, barking and nuisance complaints.  They also investigate all animal bites and all animal cruelty cases.  The Animal Control Officer also ensures that all dog owners have their dogs currently licensed and vaccinated for rabies.


The dog pound is home for all roaming and stray dogs impounded by the Animal Control Division and the Police Department.  Plainville's Animal Control Division has an outstanding record of reuniting dogs with their owners as well as placing stray dogs in new homes.  The division utilizes as well as local newspapers to help in the effort in finding as many animals new homes as is possible.


The Animal Control Officer also handles wildlife in those cases in which the animal is a danger to public safety.  The office responds to calls regarding sick and/or rabid animals and determines if the animal is truly a danger or is merely hungry and is trolling for food during the day.  The officer also has the ability to contact a Conservation Officer who will assist in the handling of the sick animal.


Animal Control Officers are not equipped to handle nuisance wildlife complaints involving squirrels, skunks, etc.  In cases where residents have issues with these types of animals they are encouraged to contact the DEP Wildlife Division and they will provide a list of Nuisance Wildlife Operators who maintain special permits to handles these types of situations.

More information is available on the DEP website