News Release from the Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Planning

A new website:  recently introduced, was developed by the Capitol Region Emergency Planning Committee on Citizen Preparedness.

The site is being looked at as the most useful and resourceful website that provides information on how to be prepared from likely hazards.


Step 1 of the site includes information on areas such as hurricanes, floods and winter storms. There is information on how to stay informed during emergencies with alerts, weather radio and information on the Statewide Emergency Alert System.  


Step 2 has sections for developing your own emergency plans, sheltering in place, evacuation, utilities and disaster training.


Step 3 is all about personnel preparation. It will provide to the reader a vast amount of information on how to build an emergency kit. Additionally there are hazard preparation checklists and information on how to safeguard valuables. Within these links a great deal of information can be found on every common type of emergency.


The Capitol Region Emergency Planning Committee has a distinct goal to make sure Connecticut residents have all of the resources available to them to help in the mission to be more adequately self- prepared.


It is the goal of Plainville Emergency Management to disseminate as much information as possible by links in our website to help in the regional mission of citizen preparedness.


We ask that you view the new website and develop your personnel plans to assist you and your family in the event of disasters or other emergencies.